Former Slipknot Percussionist Chris Fehn Drops Lawsuit Against Ex-Bandmates

Former Slipknot Percussionist Chris Fehn Drops Lawsuit Against Ex-Bandmates
Slipknot at Knottfest

Chris Fehn, the former percussionist in metal band Slipknot, has dropped his lawsuit against his former bandmates. The lawsuit first began 2019, when Fehn alleged that he was not getting paid fairly for profits from touring and merchandising.

Fehn’s lawsuit had been dropped following his attorneys filing a Notice of Voluntary Discontinuance wit the New York Supreme Court last week. Fehn had been one of the band’s earliest members, and had worn the long-nosed mask.

Fehn had still been a member of Slipknot when he made the original filing, claiming that Slipknot had allegedly funneled Fehn’s profits through affiliated businesses that had been set up by different band members. Slipknot members removed Fehn from the band following the allegation, with Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan denying the allegations and stating that Fehn had been properly compensated.

Numerous companies owned by Slipknot had been named in Fehn’s allegations, including Slipknot, Incorporated, Knot Merch LLC, SK Productions, LLC and many others. Fehn had made the allegation that the band was utilizing the companies to put profits in their own pockets, and had not been splitting Fehn in.

Parts of Fehn’s lawsuits had been dismissed in November, 2019, with a judge deciding that Slipknot’s former business manager, Howard Shore, could not be singled out by Fehn in his allegations. However, Fehn’s other motions against his former band members and Slipknot’s entities remained, until his attorneys had dropped the case last week.

Slipknot has continued on without Fehn, with Knotfest hosting a live stream in May in substitution for the annual festival, which had been cancelled this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Knotfest also announced they will be hosting a free online festival next week to promote smaller artists.

Taylor released a solo album this year, titled CMFT, with the Slipknot frontman hosting a secret show earlier this week in celebration of the album. Taylor had also hosted a live stream event titled Forum Or Against ‘Em in October ahead of his new album.

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